BAR-B, BURGERS 'N' BEER lekker en snel !

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4 sterren uit 95 beoordelingen
18 dec 2021 om 15:04 Het vlees was rauw
28 aug 2021 om 11:05 Cold and soggy food, cheeseburger without cheese, extremely long wait time. Would now recommend
29 jul 2021 om 21:24 Half of the order was missing. Phoned the restaurant who said they would get the missing items delivered immediately but they never came. Would not recommend!
21 jul 2021 om 22:56 On request delivery excellent! Delicious nutritious food!
2 jul 2021 om 22:30 After an hour the tracker still showed 45 minutes. Called the restaurant and they said there were no deliverers but the system kept accepting orders. Then the order came in. Fries were rare, veggie burger a joke. Least u can do is give value for money fgs
13 jun 2021 om 17:23 Food was excellent. Delivery was ridiculous due to Thuisbezorgd’s lack of delivery riders.
1 jan 2021 om 15:51 Was opzich lekker. Wel veel saus en de burgers waren een beetje taai. De frietjes daarentegen waren wel heel lekker.
18 dec 2020 om 23:57 Best burger in Amsterdam, great size for the burger as wel
15 dec 2020 om 19:51 In what may not come as much of a surprise it turns out beers and burgers are still totally awesome.
13 dec 2020 om 20:48 Awesome food as usual, and great beers.
11 dec 2020 om 22:20 Bezorger was vriendelijk, kwam wel 15 minuutjes te laat. Hadden hierover wel netjes gebeld, dus vandaar een sterretje minder. Verder was alles top!